Stepping through Spark internals can be helpful. If anything, it helps make sense of what your code is doing under the hood. In this post, I’m going to explain how I set up my debugger to hit breakpoints within the Spark codebase to be able to debug Spark Scala, Java and Python code.

The Prep

Setting up Spark locally involves downloading Hadoop binaries and Spark source code. I will be using IntelliJ for this tutorial but in theory, any IDE that lets you run and debug JVM based languages should do. This is being set up on a Macbook Pro but there’s…

TLDR: This post is a repost of my blog post from my site Serving Niches. If you’ve run into similar problems when tinkering with Gatsby, you can see how I chose to solve them.

After a few weeks of tinkering and working through bugs, this GatsbyJS powered blog is finally ready for prime time. All code for this site is open source and can be found here.

Issues encountered:

  • Issue 1: The forked repo, that this site used as a starting point, needed to be ported to Gatsby V2.
  • Fix: Go through the really good official documentation on porting from Gatsby…


WordPress workflows are not exactly the smoothest. In your cliche corporate environment, there might exist a workflow and pipeline to help make that process smooth and maintainable but if you’re a freelancer, your process can be a little sporadic. Deploying your WordPress site to production or a client’s server can be an absolute nightmare if you don’t plan for it properly.

That’s where the Duplicator plugin makes your life easier. This article details steps to move a site from your laptop or development environment to Production or another destination server. …

The world seems to be moving towards using TypeScript with Node.js. TypeScript a typed superset of Javascript. Another way of looking at it, if you can pretend the “Any” type does not exist, TypeScript almost feels like a strongly typed language.

This blog post shows you how to go about setting up the debugger in WebStorm for server-side TypeScript projects. The instructions in this post should work if you’re looking to debug the TypeScript compiler itself or your node js project that uses TypeScript. Those two are not exactly the same but for some reason, I was tempted to spend…

If you’ve had to create serverless apps or services in 2020 using the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) and AWS Lambda, then there’s one problem you’ve run into — setting breakpoints and debugging it the old fashioned way. The AWS toolkit currently does not support debugging typescript with Webstorm. This article helps you set up debugging in your TypeScript Lambda repo of choice.

Anup Vasudevan

Hi there! I’m a software developer based out of Boston, MA. Worked at DSW, T-Mobile, HMH, Wellington Management and Thesys CAT to name a few.

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